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10 years ago, Rick and I began to dream about living and working overseas. Over the years, we have researched and dreamed of various locations: Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands, Shanghai in China, Cairo in Egypt, just to name a few. We even attended the University of Northern Iowa Overseas Teaching Fair twice to see what opportunities might be out there. This year, we decided to give it one more shot! Rick will graduate with his Bachelor's in May, Tully will move up to Middle School...it seemed like if ever the time was right, it was now! We registered for UNI one more time, started making contacts and saying our prayers. Well, as the saying goes, "The third time was a charm!" We are Living' the Dream. Please join us on our adventure!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Paintball in Powaii

Today a group of 12 hopped in a school van and headed north to the area of Powaii, which is a new expat community in northeast Mumbai.  Our destination was Headrush Paintball in Hiranandani Gardens, Powaii.  Preyanka had arranged the paintball and I took care of getting the school van so we could all ride together and avoid having to get separate taxis.
We met at Gloria Jean's Coffee Shop at 9:30 and Darshan, our driver, drove us to our destination.  It was the first time I had  been north of Bandra and as always, we saw many new, interesting and unusual sights!  

Headrush Paintball is located in a neighborhood known as Hiranandani Gardens and the view was significantly different than we see in our neighborhood!  

Once we arrived, we invited Darshan, our driver from the school, to play with us.  He quickly waggled yes, parked the van and joined us.  We were a bit early, so we sat around and visited.  Anytime a group goes on an outing, there is always a few people who may not have spent much time together:  new hires, returning teachers, teachers from different grade levels or departments.  It is a great way to get to know other teachers from ASB.  Tully spent this time scoping out the arena and learning a little Hindi from Darshan! 

Finally, and quite punctually by India standards, the operator's arrived and said it was time to "gear up!'  Gear consisted of camo jump suits, "bullet proof" vests, and a face shield.  
Meet my funny Aussie roomie, Sarah Trevaskis

Paintball was Preya's great idea!

Tullinator geared up and ready to go!

Lovely Larani

Zach (USMC) and Nancy

Jordan, who is asked daily if he is Tully's dad!

Team Thexton

ASB Paintball 

Ready for some fun!
Then it was time to choose teams.  Now, Rick and Zack are both Marines, so this created a dilemma!  Should they be separated or together against everyone else?  Tully wanted to be on Dad's team, and Team Ginger was created.  Obviously, Jordan had to be on this team, too, so it was Team Ginger against everybody else!
Team Ginger:  Jordan, Rick, Tully and Zack

Preya, Sarah, Larani, Molly and Nancy

Darshan, Larani, Sarah, Molly, Waciuma, Nancy, Preya, and Bryan
The guns were distributed and games determined...Elimination, Capture the Flag and Capture the Fort.  2 hours of spraying bullets and lots of bruises to prove it.  I think Sarah and Preya win the prizes for Best Paintball Injuries.
Sarah's goose egg.  She got hit AFTER she was already out of the arena!

Preya's Point Blank!
Over all, it was a great day!  Several enjoyed paintball for the very first time, including Larani, Tully and Darshan.  I can't help but smile, knowing the story Darshan will have to tell his friends at work tomorrow!  

Darshan and Tully
Preparing for the Final Battle

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